Assam Baghjan fire in Oil well India

Assam Baghjan fire in Oil well India

Early in the morning at 10.30 A.M. on 27th May 2020 in the Bhagjan oil well, Tinsukia District in Assam, when operation was on, to produce gas from the reservoir at a depth of 3729 meters, gas leak has been started.  Oil well producing gas near about one lakh standard cubic meters from the depth of 3870 meters.  Reason behind this gas leak is failure in machinery and this led to release of crude oil and gas from a production well. This oil well is under Oil India Ltd.

After thirteen days of gas leak at 1.40 pm well caught fire when cleaning operation was on and violent protest around the site by the locals. Expert from the Singapore have been called for taming the blowout. As per the local some houses have been damaged but as the officials 1610 families have been evacuated to a safe place. Each family have received 30.000 rupees relief amount from Oil India ltd. 

Vizag Gas Leak By Dr. Mukta Girdhar [Video]

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