What are the two major compnents of Website Designing

In today’s world, we all want to make their website and run it smoothly, Some made their website for companies identity, some made it for providing services, some for selling products etc. So, everyone have different agenda in their life, and they decide their products and services as per their choice, but when we are going to start our website or blog on virtual platform we need to concern two major components.

1. Domain Name
2. Hosting

Domain name is a “web url or web address” from where user can easily reach on you website or blog, for ex-comppact.comit deals in IT services, you have to just type the url and you are directly link to the company website, or you can search on google, but it will take time to reach you there, that’s why, we all need to select a domain name.

How to Choose Domain Name

Hosting – Hosting is an “virtual space”, or “an space on digital platform” where you can store your all data of your website or blog. For example, if you want to start a company and you had already select a name of your firm, after that firstly you need to purchase a office or shop where you can store your product and that shop or office is known as your space. Same we need some virtual space to store our data which is known as hosting.

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