How to Develop Website & Mobile App.?

How to Develop a Website?

Website design and development is a tough task. If you are a layman and doest not know anything about that how to design and develop website then you can hire some company or hire some freelancer for that purpose. To hire a company is good option.

Secondly you yourself are capable of creating website then some points what a developer is to think before creating a website:

  1. For what purpose or for which industry/service we are creating website
  2. On which platform the website should be develop. Like: PHP, .Net, Java, JSP, CMS based Etc.
  3. Mobile App. Should also be develop or not.
  4. If mobile App. develops then on which type like: Hybrid, Native or Web Based.
  5. The designing structure for better Look and Feel.
  6. Now SSL is mandatory for all Dynamic website
  7. Website should be Static or Dynamic in Nature.
  8. If it’s a Ecommerce/Shopping website then Payment Gateway should be Integrated.
  9. Contact Us/ Query Form for Users Questions.
  10. And many more other topics should be consider before develop website.

For a Naïve User or a Layman its very tough work to design website. Then in that case they contact many companies and takes quotation for the website work. It could take near about 10-15 days to decide which company is better and it also takes time to get the details of the company.

After consideration of all that users problems in mind, one company can do that work very easily and comfortable for the user “Comppact Technologies”.

Comppact Technologies: Comppact Technologies can do this work by creating the website named: is an Information Technology E-commerce Marketplace where any kind of user either they have computer knowledge or not, they can create and complete there IT related work hassle and tension free.

Users can also avail the free consultancy services there. Where they can guide that what kind of domain is suitable for your organization, from where to buy domain and hosting and on which platform they should build website.

Users can also select the best company as per there choice like in terms of costing, fast delivered and more, from the list of Indian IT companies. have a list of Indian IT Companies for all categories and user can choose the best company as per there choice even user can also consult with our helpdesk if they feel any kind of doubt or help for choosing company.

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